Realistic Flipping
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Realistic Flipping

A beginner's guide to flipping houses

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Flipping Houses

Can you still make money flipping houses? Absolutely! There is no question that we are in a different environment than we were just a few years ago. You could be as dumb as a rock in 2005 and still make money flipping a house. It was a can't-miss enterprise. Not so today! Real estate values have tumbled and houses sometimes take longer to sell. But we firmly believe that there is still a lot of money to be made for many years to come.

You believe that too, or you would not have read this far! But you're going to have to be realistic in today's housing market. And being realistic is what we are all about! So read on... this program will help you safely become rich by buying, renovating and selling real estate.

But you're not going to get rich quickly, at least with our program. Oh, there are lots of programs out there that claim to be able to make you rich flipping houses in days, weeks or months, all with "no money down." This is not one of those programs. Sure, some "get rich quick" real estate programs will work if everything goes perfectly. So tell me, when was the last time that everything went perfectly in your life or business?

Our program shows you how to start carefully and build a business flipping houses that will, in time, cause you to become rich. You will not be rich in a couple of months. But neither will you become broke in a couple of months. Over the course of a few years you can expect to earn a substantial amount of money if you are prudent, work hard, and follow our program. Even if you only work at it part-time. Fair enough?

Our methods are tried, tested, and sound. We did not set out to write a book, nor did we set out to become rich. We simply worked, researched and stumbled our way into a successful paradigm, had a lot of fun renovating homes, and made a bunch of money. And now it is our joy to share what we have learned with you. Welcome to!

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26. Take Your Time and Build Relationships With Key People
27. Staying Organized Through the Process
28. Incorporating and Accounting
29. You're On Your Way!
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